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DISC (Natural Behavioral Style) Science

Understanding HOW your team members behave, communicate, and perform. Behaviors/DISC reveal how an individual will perform, how they prefer to communicate, their strengths and limitations, and their ideal environment.

It is measured in four proportions:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Compliance

Not every DISC assessment is created equal

There are many different DISC assessments on the market. We use the most advanced, proven, and reliable assessments with the best reports in the market place.

Why? Because you have to trust the data when you’re making significant company and life decisions and we trust these assessments.

Why should you use the DISC science?

  • Help your employees understand, own, and leverage their unique natural behavioral style
  • Help your team perform at a higher level through gaining self-awareness
  • Have the tough conversations that lead to a high-performance team using the objectiveness of the assessments
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12 Driving Forces Science

Understanding the WHY behind your team member’s behaviors and actions. Driving forces uncovers what motivates and engages an individual in work and in life. It reveals why they do what they do and what impacts their decision-making.

The assessment measures 12 driving forces and 6 motivators

12 Driving Forces Visual

Why should you use the Driving Forces science?

  • Increase retention through feeding each team member’s primary driving forces
  • Understand how to better engage and motivate your team
  • Create a culture of improvement through understanding what drives your team
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Soft Skills Science

Understanding the WAY your team members think. Soft skills, or acumen capacity, reveals a person’s clarity of thought of the world and self. And where a leader has higher clarity, they have greater soft skills.

The Soft Skills science measures and examines six dimensions

  • Understanding Others

  • Practical Thinking

  • Systems Judgement

  • Sense of Self

  • Role Awareness

  • Self Direction

Why should you use the Soft Skills science?

  • Employees get hired for their hard skills and fired for their lack of soft skills. You can now measure that and help develop those soft skills.
  • Soft skills are what help team members get things done​ more effectively
  • Soft skill development is critical to effective leadership
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Soft Skills ranking

Emotional Intelligence Science

Understanding HOW emotions impact your team members. Emotional intelligence measures an individual’s ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.

Emotional intelligence measures five key areas pertaining to intrapersonal and interpersonal relations:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Regulation

  • Motivation

  • Social Awareness

  • Social Regulation

Why should you use the Emotional Intelligence science?

  • Help your team members handle their emotions more productively
  • Improve your team’s leadership capabilities
  • Improve your team’s decision making abilities

Using multiple sciences allows you to make a more informed talent decision or development plan