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We write books to help you optimize the strategy and talent in your business and your career and life. Because you can achieve anything with the right strategy and right talent.

Stop the Vanilla in Your Career and Life

The current career planning model is broken. 87% of the workforce does not describes themselves as passionate about what they do. This book contains a simple four step process to help you find your optimum career—which is at the intersection of your passions and strengths.

What is unique about this book? The use of behavioral science to help you understand your strengths and a life map to make your career plan a reality. It’s time for you love what you do!

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Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Book Cover

Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream

This book will help you answer the most important strategic question for your business:WHY will a customer choose to do business with you vs. your competitors, and pay you MORE for it.”

Success for your business comes by wrapping the right talent around your mint chocolate chip strategy. Your mint chocolate chip is what your organization does better than anyone else in the markets that you compete. It is “Why” a customer will choose to do business with you vs. a competitor. Start increasing profits through the right strategy and right talent.

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Book Bundle

Stop The Vanilla In Your Career and Life Book Cover + Behavioral Science Assessments

Book with Career Insights Behavioral Science Assessment Bundle

Why does most career planning fail? It uses subjective measurements instead of objective. So how do you get objective with your career planning?

Use behavioral science. Instead of using the book’s information to learn who you are, save time, and increase your accuracy by taking a 15-page Career Insights behavioral science assessment.

So, what’s the deal with the bundle? We buy your book, you cover the assessment.

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