Build the Team to Achieve Your Dream PDF

  • Can your team have candid, vulnerable, and transparent discussions it needs to solve your most sensitive issues?

  • Do you have the highest performing team in your industry?

  • Does each member of your team have self-awareness of their style and the style of their teammates to effectively communicate and work together?

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Why should your team do this exercise?

When I first started this firm 20+ years ago, we would put the leadership team in a room and try to start our strategy process. The problem was that the team was not ready for the tough conversations needed to develop an effective strategy and talent plan.

That’s why we created the most candid and breakthrough team development exercise that creates a cohesive and high-performance team. You will watch your team come together right in front of you as you complete this exercise and build the team to achieve your dream. – Steve Van Remortel

“This is the most candid discussion our team has ever had.” – Sharon, CEO