Improve the health of every relationship you have at work and at home

Emotional intelligence training enhances your awareness and management of your emotions and the emotions of others leading to more productive relationships.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ):

The ability to recognize, understand, and use the power emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity

Why is this important for you? Improving your EQ will help you become a more effective leader, a better performer, and more valuable to your team by improving your collaboration skills. Our training goes to the science of what emotional intelligence is and the techniques you can instantly apply to start improving your EQ.
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3 benefits you will gain by improving your EQ in your business and your life

Have emotional stability

Implement techniques to understand and manage your emotions to stay emotionally balanced.

Improve professional and personal performance

Increasing your ability to manage your emotions will allow you to perform at a higher level.

Improve the health of every relationship you have

Walk away with action plans to improve the health of your relationships at work and at home.

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What you will take away from this training:

?Take an emotional intelligence assessment to assess where you are and get techniques on how to improve

?Understand the 5 factors of emotional intelligence and how they impact their relationships, performance, and life satisfaction

?Create action plans to improve your EQ once the training is over. Because unlike IQ, which tends to be constant, EQ can be intentionally raised.

How to sign up for our EQ training


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Take the assessment

Take our emotional intelligence assessment and receive your results.

Attend the training

Gain the knowledge, processes, and worksheets to help you improve your EQ.

Get certified

Take the exam after the training to become certified in emotional intelligence.

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$385 per person for 1 to 2 people in the same company

$308 per person for more than 3 people in the same company

$500 for the certification exam

(An EQ assessment is included with your registration!)


Understanding and managing your emotions will improve every area of your life