Our differentiation is to help you eliminate the vanilla in your business, career, and life with the right strategy and right talent

What makes us unique and different? (besides our name?)

In your business:

?3-year vision and talent plan:

• Not only do we help organizations develop a 3-year vision, but we help them develop a 3-year talent plan to achieve that vision.

• That’s right, a 3-year talent plan that answers all the talent questions to achieve your vision.

• For most organizations, talent is the #1 challenge, and a talent plan proactively resolves it.

?Clear differentiation

• As part of your vision, you will define how to differentiate your organization from your competitors clearly.

• Our mint chocolate chip is helping you define and deliver yours.

?Train you to do it yourself

• One of our core values is to teach our clients how to fish versus fish for them.

• Stop The Vanilla can help you put your 3-year vision and talent plan in place but we train you on how to execute it over the next three years yourself.

• We hold Shepherd of the Talent training twice a year to train leaders on the behavioral sciences and talent processes to select, develop, train and retain the talent you need to achieve your vision.

?Talent Tools

• Stop The Vanilla will train you and provide you the process and templates for all talent management processes including but not limited to:

• Talent assessment

• Talent planning

• Talent retention

• Proven hiring process

• Job benchmarking

• Customized interviewing

• Employee orientation/ramp-up

• Leadership development process

• 360 performance reviews

• Team development exercise

• Conflict resolution

• Succession plan

• Employee surveys

• Career planning

• Life planning

In your career and life:

?Breakthrough career planning process:

• Every individual (past their adolescent years) already has the two ingredients to be passionate about his/her career – his/her natural behavioral style and passions in his/her life.

• This proven process makes it easy to understand career options that you will be passionate about at the intersection of your passions/interests and the strengths of your natural behavioral style.

• When you are passionate about what you do and deliver it naturally, you are going to excel at it and get rewarded for it.

?Life planning:

• Our unique one-page life plan helps you live the life you want and achieve your life vision/legacy.

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