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Our story is about following a passion. Ironically, it’s what we help leaders do now. It was 1984, and I had just put up a stellar 2.2 GPA in my first semester in college. I needed to change things up, so I took a night course to see if having a businessperson as a professor would turn the lights on.

About three classes into the semester, he started talking about strategy and how a company needs to differentiate itself from competitors. The room got bright. So bright, it led me to a Masters in Strategy, which further fueled my passion. After a successful career in sales, I was blessed to get an opportunity to be on the leadership team of a turnaround of a food company—a training ground of strategy and talent like no other. We went on a run from $5 to $30 million in 4.5 incredible years until being sold.

As I was looking for a new company to lead, I networked with 100+ business owners and got a similar response from each of them: “I’m not ready to give you that job yet because that’s my job, but while you’re looking, why don’t you help us with our strategy.” and that was 20 years ago as visualized below.

With the help of my amazing team, we’ve been following our passion for strategy and talent development ever since. We have helped thousands of leaders achieve their business, career, and life goals with the right strategy and right talent. We hope you’re next.

– Steve Van Remortel, Chief Strategist and Talent Advisor

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Our Culture

Our culture is shaped by consistently implementing the same strategy and talent methodologies we share with our clients (We eat our own ice cream).

Our culture is also shaped by our values:


• Our client’s success is our top priority!

🍦Respect and integrity

• We uphold our values and practice the highest level of integrity in all of our relationships by providing honest, respectful, straightforward and research-supported counsel.

🍦Value each person

• We value each individual and believe in developing the total person, both professionally and personally.

🍦Continuous improvement

• Through education, training, and research, we seek continuous improvement in our team members and strategy and talent planning methodologies.

🍦Stick to our expertise

• We remain focused on what we do best and do not jeopardize our client’s success by offering counsel in areas outside of our expertise.

🍦Meaningful relationships

• We strive to have fun while building meaningful relationships with our families, our clients, colleagues, friends, and partners within our communities.

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