Our Mint-Chocolate Chip

  • Our Mint-Chocolate Chip is assisting You in finding yours in your business and life
  • In your BUSINESS, your Mint-Chocolate Chip Strategy is what you strive to be the best at & why customers will choose YOU vs. your competition!
  • In your LIFE, your Mint-Chocolate Chip Strategy is to love what you do, excel at it and get REWARDED for it!
  • We train Shepherds of The Talent that excel as leaders in their business, career and life
  • Our mission is to help YOU stop the vanilla in your business, career and life!


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Stop The Vanilla


✔︎ Research informs us that 12.7% of the working population describes themselves as passionate about their work.  Think about that.  Just greater than 1 in 10 describe themselves as passionate about what they do.  87.3% of the population just goes to work.

✔︎ One of our passions at Stop The Vanilla is to help more people love what they do and live the life they want. And the best time to start that process is in the early years of high school.


✔︎ The sole purpose of the Stop The Vanilla Foundation is to provide career and life planning to disadvantaged youth at no cost to them.

✔︎ To support the Stop The Vanilla Foundation or you know a youth who meets the requirements and who would benefit from a career plan he/she can be passionate about, please email us here!