Designed Exclusively For Private Equity Firms

And Their Portfolio Companies

Due-Diligence Strategy & Talent Evaluation

Make an informed decision through a clear understanding of the strategy and talent potential of an organization and the investment required to optimize it

Vision & Talent Plan

Develop a 5-year vision AND a 5-year talent plan to achieve it for each of your portfolio companies

Clear Differentiation

Define why a customer is going to choose to do business with your portfolio companies vs. their competitors that their target markets will value 

High-Performance Team

Implement a Talent Management System to build high-performance teams across your portfolio companies

Leadership Team Training

In the first year, the leadership team is trained in the behavioral science tools and processes enabling them to complete the process in the next four years to achieve the vision

Return on Investment

Experience significant return on investment for all stakeholders through higher evaluations and multiples 

Our Process is PROVEN to
Optimize the Success of
Your Portfolio Companies

350+ Industries

More than 350 industries have had success with implementing this process through STV Advisors

100+ Methodologies

Our process is made up of over 100+ strategy and talent methodologies

90+% Increase

90+% of companies who implement the process through STV Advisors experience an increase in sales and profitability in the first year

The Optimization of Strategy and Talent

Maximize both the strategy and the talent in your portfolio companies

The 5 Pillars of

Strategy & Talent

1) Differentiation

  • Your differentiation is WHY a customer will choose you vs. your competitors. We like to call it your “Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream”

2) Tangible Value

  • Make your competence tangible to your current and prospective customers. Don’t just say you’re the best, prove it!

3) Talent Management

  • Identify, select, develop and retain the talent to deliver your competence by implementing a Talent Management System.

4) Department Plans

  • Accelerate your success by working “ON” the business through the development and execution of department plans. As each department completes their action plans, the progress of the organization increases.

5) Plan Execution

  • Build a culture of accountability and discipline by executing on the action plans in place. Get it done.

When you implement the 5 Pillars of Strategy and Talent into your portfolio companies you will see top and bottom line growth

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