Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Book


Answer the most important strategic question for your business: WHY will a customer choose to do business with you vs. your competitors and pay you MORE for it.



Even though it is the #1 selling ice cream, over 90% of all vanilla ice cream has something put on it, in it or underneath it; we’d rather have cookie dough or mint chocolate chip.  Award winning author Steve Van Remortel shows you how to take your business from selling vanilla ice cream to selling your mint chocolate chip. The book is an easy read as it follows a group of individuals who embark on the journey to Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream; you can read as you go through the process as well!

Success for your business comes by wrapping the right talent around your mint chocolate chip strategy.   Your mint chocolate chip is what your organization does better than anyone else in the markets that you compete.  It is “Why” a customer will choose to do business with you vs. a competitor.  The cone is the talent needed to deliver your mint chocolate chip.  It about having the right skill set in each seat on the ice cream truck.

Over 95% of STV Advisors, Inc. hundreds of clients that implement the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream process experience an increase in sales and profitability in their FIRST YEAR. The combination of simultaneously improving on Strategy and Talent creates individual, team and organizational performance breakthroughs.

You can implement the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream process into your organization in five different ways.  From doing it yourself to being fully led by a certified strategy & talent advisor from STV Advisors, Inc.; we’re here to help you stop selling vanilla ice cream! (stopthevanilla.comRemember, Those Who Plan, Profit! ®

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