Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream eBook


The Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream book in E-form. If you are like most business owners and leaders today, you feel stuck working constantly ”in” your business. The Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream® process offers an easy-to-follow strategic planning and talent development methodology to work ”on” your business that leads to a real differentiation and a high-performance team ready to deliver it. You will discover the answer to the most important strategic question for your business: Why will a customer choose you over your competitors and pay you more for it?

The Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream process focuses on creating individual, team and organizational performance breakthroughs through the simultaneous optimization of strategy and talent. Using the unique code found in your book, you will have access to a complementary detailed online assessment that clearly identifies your behavioral style, workplace motivators, and soft skills. Applying the assessment results within your teams creates a foundation for a talent management system to help you select, develop and retain the people you need to implement your strategy.

Utilizing the complimentary templates on, you can implement the process into your organization by following the inspiring true story of Connecting Cultures. Our battle cry is Those Who Plan — PROFIT®, because over 90% of Steve’s hundreds of clients experience an increase in sales and profits in the first year after completing the process. Those same results and the process to create them are now available to you. I wish you the best as you Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream.



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