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Great leaders are Shepherds of the Talent.

Shepherds of the Talent develop, grow, and enhance the people around them. They do this both at work and at home.

And the key to becoming a Shepherd of the Talent is understanding HOW to optimize the strategy and talent in your business and your career and life.

Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Process will help you optimize the strategy and talent in your business—leading to an increase in profitability and growth.

Stop The Vanilla in Your Career and Life Process will help you optimize the strategy and talent in your career and life—leading to you loving what you do to live the life you want.

“Before you can lead others, you must first lead self.” – Steve Van Remortel

How do the two processes work together?

Leaders use the Stop The Vanilla in Your Career and Life Process to optimize the talent in their business by building high-performance individuals and leaders.

Because the foundation of a high-performance team is that every team member loves what they do for a living and delivers it naturally.

This bundle will help you become a better leader and build a high-performance team.

What leaders have to say…

“I have seen first-hand the impact of implementing both of these key fundamentals (Strategy and talent in your business) and how it has increased sales and profitability in several organizations.”

– Diane Biersteker

President and Owner of Human Resources Consulting, LLC

“With the help of the Stop the Vanilla in Your Career and Life Process, we have created a culture of growth and opportunity that is centered around understanding each individual’s gifts, passions, and overall life goals. This has led to consistent 20% YOY growth and a 98% retention rate.”

– Terry Albrecht

President/Owner of Packer Fastener

Why is strategy and talent fundamental?

In your business

“Without strategy your talent is not focused, without talent your strategy is not executed” Steve Van Remortel

In your career and life

“Without passion your natural style is not focused, without your natural style your passion is not enjoyed”Steve Van Remortel

Meet the man with the plan (aka The Ice-Cream Man)

Picture of the author, Steve Van Remortel, with both books

Steve Van Remortel is an award-winning author, speaker, coach, trainer, consultant, and recognized expert in strategy and talent planning. He founded Stop the Vanilla, LLC. in 1999 and has since created a library of 100+ strategy and talent planning methodologies.

To date, Steve has led over 1,000 strategy & talent planning sessions across hundreds of industries. He has coached thousands of leaders to help them achieve their vision for their business and their career and life with the right strategy and right talent.

Before founding Stop the Vanilla, LLC., Steve led a manufacturing company from $4.5 million to $30 million in sales in five years by optimizing its strategy and talent. He earned his Master’s in Strategic Management after a BA in Marketing and Organizational Communications. Steve is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) in four behavioral sciences.

Steve and his wife raised their four children in Green Bay, WI, where he was named Businessperson of the Year. And for the record, his favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

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