Who Benefits From

 Steve's Keynotes and Workshops?


Train leaders on how to be the shepherd of the talent around them to build the team to achieve their dream


Educate and inspire your organization on how to deliver your differentiation and dominate your industry


Provide your members/attendees the knowledge and tools to increase their sales and profitability and achieve what they want


Wrap the right plan and talent around your idea to live the life you want


Hold a breakthrough session to help your leadership team clearly define a 3-year vision & talent plan needed to achieve what you want


Leaders who want to achieve more in their business and life


Whether it is an entertaining and inspiring speech or a focused and “working on the business” workshop
together we will customize it to meet your specific objectives such as…..

Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream

● Increase sales and profitability by clearly differentiating your business from your competitors

● Define your three-year vision and the talent plan to achieve it

● Use behavioral science processes to Identify, attract, select, hire, train and retain the talent to implement the plan

● Specific action plans to improve your business

● Start increasing profits with the right plan executed by the right talent

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Build the Team to Achieve Your Dream

● Increase self-awareness of each team member of their natural and adaptive behavioral style and leadership capabilities. 

● Provide each team member the knowledge and training to understand, own and leverage their natural leadership style.

● Build a communication plan that details the most effective way to communicate and work with each other.

● Each team member learns how to become a better developer of talent around them/shepherd of the talent

Bottom line: build a high-performance team 

Stop Living Vanilla Ice Cream

● Become the “Shepherd of the Talent” to develop those around you

● Learn how to love what you do, excel at it and get rewarded for it

● Its about living a passion, not having a job

● How to develop a life map to achieve your legacy

● Start living the life you want by wrapping your natural talents around your passions


Stop The Vanilla?

  • There is NOTHING you can’t achieve in your business, career and life with the Right Plan implemented by the Right Talent.
    It’s that simple.

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