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I’m Steve Van Remortel, Chief Strategist and Talent Advisor at Stop The Vanilla.

I’m passionate about helping visionary leaders master the skill of Talent Planning—proactively solving people issues through a Talent Plan—to accelerate company growth.

I founded Stop the Vanilla back in 1999 and started speaking shortly after; I love the opportunity to inspire, educate, and entertain leaders and their teams.

I’ve also sat in your seat. Having led a food contract manufacturing company, I know what it’s like to listen to presenters (i.e., speakers or leaders).

I’ve spent time learning what leaders and attendees want in a presentation, resulting in my three core deliverables for every presentation:

  1. You will be entertained throughout the speech (Using personal and sometimes self-deprecating humor, stories, and photos)
  2. You will be engaged and walk away with new insights they can implement immediately (derived from my 20+ years in Talent Planning)
  3. You will leave the presentation inspired to take action and accelerate the growth of your people and organization

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Popular programs that we can customize for your event

Solve Your #1 Issue Limiting Growing Through Talent Planning

This program covers the three steps to creating a multi-year Talent Plan to solve your people issues and accelerate growth.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn why your Talent Plan is as important as your strategic plan
  2. Understand what a Talent Plan is and the three steps to creating one
  3. Begin creating the Talent Plan for your organization

“While Steve was speaking, I received 7-8 texts thanking me for bringing him in. They all said how perfect of timing it was to have Steve challenge them to put a plan in place to solve their people issues and accelerate the growth of their firm.” Michael Savolt (President of Tax Management Services, Inc.)

Build a High-Performing Team: A Team Development Exercise that builds trust, transparency, and vulnerability

What makes this team development exercise different? It uses research-backed behavioral science and a proven process to allow for the most candid conversations your team will ever have.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Team members gain the self-awareness of their style and the style of their teammates to communicate and work better together
  2. Begin having candid, vulnerable, and transparent discussions to solve your most sensitive and strategic issues
  3. Create a high-performance and cohesive team ready to achieve unprecedented growth
Steve giving a presentation during a Team Development Exercise

“Our climate (culture) has increased in collaboration, trust, and how people work together. They’ve hit the ground running from day one after Steve’s presentation.” — Matt Spets (Assistant Superintendent @ D.C. Everest)

Feed the Force: The Secret to Maximizing Retention through Behavioral Science

In this hands-on program, each attendee (team member) receives a Driving Forces Behavioral Science assessment helping them understand what motivates them. They will also learn a repeatable process– focused on strategies to feed their direct report’s top Driving Forces–to improve retention across the organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand how to use the Driving Forces behavioral science to increase retention
  2. Recognize what motivates you and put action plans in place to feed your top Driving Forces
  3. Learn our Reboarding Process that you can use–with behavioral science assessments–to increase retention for every position
Steve speaking to group about Driving Forces

The Future of Leadership: Become a Shepherd of the Talent by mastering the skill of developing and growing others

This program equips you with the knowledge and processes to understand, own, and leverage your unique leadership style. You will also learn how to help those around you–at work and home–do the same (i.e., understand, own, and leverage their style).

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Master the skill of developing high-performing leaders and teams across your organization
  2. Learn how to increase hiring accuracy, improve employee development, and boost retention using research-backed behavioral science
  3. Build your leadership legacy by caring for and developing the Total Person at work and home
Steve giving a Shepherd of the Talent speech

“(This program) equips you to go to a higher level of leadership because, number one, you understand your leadership style better. And number two, you understand the style of those around you, and you can be more proactive, purposeful, and intentional in terms of how you coach and develop those you lead.” — Damian LaCroix (Superintendent of Howard-Suamico School District)

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Hear what others say about Steve.

Matthew Spets | Assistent Superintendent @ D.C. Everest

“Our climate (culture) has increased in collaboration, trust, and how people work together. They’ve hit the ground running from day one after Steve’s presentation.”

Dominic Reinerio | Partner and Wealth Advisor @ Tax Management Services

“We brought Steve in because the content–Talent Planning–is vital for the future. No matter what business you’re in, if you don’t have the right people, you will not be successful.”

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The cost for each program will vary depending on what is included (e.g., books, behavioral science assessments, follow-up videos). But for most programs, the cost will be at least $5,000.
Within the total cost to book Steve is travel expenses, behavioral science assessments (if the program requires them), speaking fee, and the costs for any books you want for your attendees.

Of course! Our goal is to ultimately partner with you to increase the value you and your attendees receive. If that means posting about your event, our marketing team is on it!

This is up to you. Depending on the program, we typically set up a table in the back to share resources to help your attendees gain more value from the event (e.g., Steve’s two books, video course, or behavioral science assessments).

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