You get everything you need to implement the Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream process:

  • Questionnaires
  • Agendas
  • Action Plan Registers
  • Strategy Development Templates
  • Talent Development Templates

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Templates for Phase 1:

Strategy & Talent-Planning-Process Outline

◉ Cover letter to the Planning Team

Pre-Planning Questionnaire

Communication to the Organization

Action Plan Register to Start the Process

Competitive Competence Analysis

Talent Tracker

Individual Development Plan

How to Read DISC Assessments

Behaviors (DISC) Debriefing Guide

How to Read Workplace Motivators Assessments

Workplace Motivators Debriefing Guide

Workplace Motivators Wheel with Descriptors

How to Read Soft Skills Indicators Assessments

Behavioral Style Questionnaire

Behavioral Style Team Wheel

Workplace Motivators Team Wheel

How to Create a Team Wheel

Action Plan Register for Phase 2

Templates for Phase 2:

Cover Page – Company logo

Co-Title Page

Table of Contents

Agenda – Team Building and Strategy Development Session

Internal Analysis Checklist

Strategic Challenges Template

Values and Beliefs Statement

Internal Analysis – Strengths

Internal Analysis – Weaknesses 

Team Challenges

External Analysis – Market Research Summary

Potential Obstacles



Competence Options

Competence Hierarchy

Competence Analysis Worksheet

Brainstorming-Action Plans Needed to Strengthen our Competence

Step by Step Process to Determine the Competence in Homework Teams

Action Plan Register for Phase 3

Templates for Phase 3:

Competitive Competence Analysis

Brainstorming Brand & Positioning Strategy

Brainstorming-Making Our Services Tangible

Mission Statement


Agenda – Strategy Development Session

Action Plan Register for Phase 4

Templates for Phase 4:

Agenda – Strategy Implementation Session

Measurement Matrix

Transitional Issues

Future Functional Organizational Structure

Business Planning Calendar

Education and Training Plan

Goals and Action Plans

Company Goals

SMART Goals Template

Plan Presentation Agenda

Plan Execution Review Program

Timetable to Plan Execution

Department Plan Budget Request

Department Plan Outline

Department Plan Responsibilities

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