Stop The Vanilla In Your Career and Life Book Cover

Stop the Vanilla in Your Career and Life

Find a career that you love and fits who you are through our simple four-step process that uses behavioral science.

This book and process will lead you through a transformation from passionless to passionate.

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“This book will assist you in writing a new story for your career and life—a story of passion and meaning. Pick up this book if you want MORE out of your career and life.”

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Paul Smith | Three-time best-selling author including, The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

“With the help of the Stop the Vanilla in Your Career and Life Process, we have created a culture of growth and opportunity that is centered around understanding each individual’s gifts, passions, and overall life goals.”

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Terry Albrecht | President/Owner of Packer Fastener

The old game of career planning is broken. Welcome to the new game of career planning—that works.

List of chapters in the book

Foreword: By Matthew J. Smyth

Introduction: By Author, Steve Van Remortel

Chapter 1: Let’s Talk About Vanilla (Download)

Chapter 2: Your Mint Chocolate Chip

Chapter 3: Own the Cone

Chapter 4: Sweet Options

Chapter 5: Your Rocky Road Life Map

Chapter 6: Fire Up the Ice Cream Truck

Chapter 7: The Next Scoop

Chapter 8: Just Desserts

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Who am I to write a book about finding passion in your career and life?

Picture of the author, Steve Van Remortel

I was no different than you.

I spent 35 years of my life searching for more. I was on an aimless pursuit, resulting in a life absent of meaning and fulfillment. And I can imagine you feel some of those same things.

That’s why you’re here.

Like so many of us, I left high school with no clue as to what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I went to college because that’s what my siblings did.

But without a passion leading me in my studies, I got a stellar first semester GPA of a 2.2.

Way to go Steve…

I decided to keep going for another semester. Because I was working two jobs, I decided to take a night course. And that is when everything changed.

The teacher started talking about business strategy and it sat me straight up in my chair. It was almost like the room went from black and white to color. That was it.

Business strategy was my passion.

After that day I completely transformed as a student. I graduated with high honors and got a successful sales job. Everything was going perfect, or at least I thought.

The issue I now faced was that I didn’t know what to do with my passion. It was like being on a boat with a strong motor, but with no steering wheel to direct it. That was until I took my first behavioral science assessment.

After taking the assessment, I was in for a rude awakening. It was the first time in my life that I started to truly understand who Steve was. The strengths and weaknesses.

That assessment opened the door for to finally do something with my passion.

Once I fully realized my behavioral strengths and limitations, I then was able to wrap that around my passion for business strategy. It was not easy at all. But it led me to where I am now, a strategy and talent advisor, speaker, and author.

It even led me to starting my own consulting firm, which just hit 20 years!

That breakthrough of wrapping my strengths around my passion has provided me a fruitful and meaningful life. And that same transformation is available for you.

Because you already have the two ingredients needed. You simply need to become aware of them. And that’s what this book and process will do for you.

It won’t provide you with some hack or trick to make millions and retire early. It will use who you are (your strengths) and what fires you up (your passions) to create a career plan to love what you do, deliver it naturally, excel at it, and get rewarded for it.

And then using the life map provided in the book to make your career plan a reality and live the life YOU want.

If you are ready to become passionate about your career and find meaning in your life, read this book. The time is now to start writing a new story.

Reviews from leaders

“I just finished reading your new book Steve and it has me pumped to dive back in to my planning and maximize my career satisfaction.”

– David Fritz | Managing Partner, Executive Benefits Network

“I have gone through your process and certification and still took a lot of notes and found new clarity for myself. I believe the book has the unique ability to meet the reader where they are at”

– Laurie A. Radke | President at Greater Green Bay Chamber

“It’s great that your audience varies from anyone establishing their career to those who are further along in their career. And, for young adults deciding what degree to study in college – chapter 4 resonated with me as a parent of a sophomore in high school.”

– Kristy Ninneman | Human Resources Director at Nekoosa

“If you seek personal clarity or are passionate about growing people – this book is essential.”

– Matt Spets

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To gain greater insights during the process, pair the book with a behavioral science assessment. If you purchase the bundle, the book is on us.