Love what you do for a living and live the life you want

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The problem…

87.3% of the workforce does not describe themselves as passionate about what they do for a living, according to a recent Deloitte study. With the help of this book and our simple process, you will learn how to leave the 87.3% and become part of the coveted passionate 12.7%.

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What will you learn from this book and process?

?A simple and effective process to leave the vanilla behind and start living the passionate and fulfilled life you were meant to live

?How to identify the passions in your life and which are the best to pursue

?How to identify the strengths of your natural behavioral style to help you decide your optimum career options

?The steps to wrap your natural strengths around a passion in your life to create a career path you will be passionate about

?The steps to develop a life plan to achieve your career path and leave the legacy that you want

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Who is this book for?

?Business leader/manager/employee who is part of the 87.3%

?Business owner/leader who develops and coaches their team members

?Someone who is looking for their next career opportunity

?Someone who is returning to the workforce

?Parents of high school and college students

?High school and college students

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Templates included in this book

Mint Chocolate Chip Strategy Template


Life Map Template


About the author

Steve Van Remortel is an award-winning author, speaker, coach, trainer, consultant, and recognized expert in strategy and talent development.   He founded STV Advisors, Inc. in 1999 and has since created a library of 100+ planning methodologies. To date, Steve has led over 1,000 strategy & talent planning sessions across hundreds of industries.  He has coached thousands of leaders to help them achieve their business, career, and life goals with the right plan implemented with the right talent. 

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