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Transfer of Wealth?

It is estimated that 50% of all family business owners are expecting to retire, but less than half of those who plan on retiring in the next 5 years have chosen a successor

Nearly 70% of family businesses hope to pass their business on to the next generation; only 30% will be successful with the transition

If you plan to pass your business to the next generation, actions are needed for you to join the successful 30%.

5 Steps to Creating a Successful

Leadership Transition Plan

1. Pre-Planning Questionnaire

The 1st and 2nd generation leadership creates the content of the process through their answers to the questionnaire 

2. Build Your 3 Year Vision

The 2nd generation leadership creates a vision of where they want the company to be in 3 years

3. Create Your Talent Plan

The 2nd generation leadership creates a 3 year talent plan to achieve the vision utilizing Behavioral Science

4. Present Your Plan

The 2nd generation presents the plan to the 1st generation leadership for agreement

5. Gain Agreement & Execute the Plan

Once there is agreement, the next step is to execute the plan and achieve your vision

1. Enhance the profitability of your business

– A profitable & healthy business provides resources to resolve issues 


2. Maintain & strengthen relationships in & around the family

– You will develop a family strategy through our process that creates harmony & improves relationships across the family and business

“STV Advisors, Inc. accurately identified the strategic challenges facing B & H Pattern and then recommended and led a collaborative process to resolve those challenges. The proof is in the results both financially and culturally. Our new leadership team has been identified and is currently going through STV Advisors’ Leadership Development process. We are in transition and are looking positively toward continued improvement in financial performance and customer satisfaction.”

“Our future is bright” … Paul Bloch, General Manager

Ensure a Successful and Profitable

Transition for Your Business

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