Overcome your #1 challenge of talent with a 3-year vision and 3-year talent plan to achieve it

Define a subjective and objective vision of what you want your organization to look like in 3 years and talent plan to get your there.

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Are you constantly dealing with talent challenges?

Overcome your talent challenges by being proactive in developing a vision and talent plan.

Create a vision for your business to get you from where you are today to where you want to be in 3 years.

Gain the peace and comfort of knowing that you have a 3-year talent plan needed to achieve your vision.

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How it works


Discovery Process

?Launch meeting with planning team

?1 on 1 interview and behavioral science debrief with each planning team member

?Collect the content for the process

?Process prep meeting with leader


Vision and Talent Plan Development

?Team development exercise

?Define the organizational vision

?Talent plan and goals to achieve vision

?Finalize talent plan


Department Planning

?Action plans to work “on” the business and achieve goals

?Talent plan for each department

?Complete department plans in 4-month sprints


Plan Execution

?Monthly plan execution reviews

?Review action plans completed by department

?Talent update/ development plans

?Financial/dashboard review

?Ensure a culture of accountability and respect

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What makes our vision and talent planning process unique?

A clear and vivid objective and subjective target

During the process, you will create a vision, not a vision statement, with both subjective and objective components. This will allow you to benchmark your progress and ensures you and your team achieves your vision.

Talent decisions backed by behavioral science

After you develop your strategy and set your vision, you will create a talent plan to ensure you have the right talent to achieve your vision. You will create your talent plan by using behavioral science to make your talent decisions objective.

Start achieving your business goals by creating a vision and talent plan

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