A focused session for your team to work “on” your business to address a specific need that will accelerate the success of your organization

Companies that have accelerated their success through a customized workshop

Workshop Options

1. How to develop a 3-year vision and talent plan

Create a 3-year vision and 3-year talent plan that will help you achieve what you want
in your business by having the right people to achieve your vision.

Workshop Outcomes

Develop a 3-year vision that guides all talent and resource decisions

Create a 3-year talent plan to ensure you have the right people to achieve your vision

Provide strategic clarity (where we are going) and role clarity (what’s my role in it) to every team member

2. Team development process

Remove the barriers that restrict open communication and build a high-performance team
that will lead your company to unprecedented success


Workshop Outcomes

Build a high-performance team that understands how to communicate and work together

Have the most candid, honest, transparent, and vulnerable discussions your team has ever had

Create a leadership development plan for every team member

3. Hire the right person the first time

Implement a proven hiring process that uses behavioral science to ensure
you make the right hire the first time, every time


Workshop Outcomes

Learn how to define in advance what an optimum performer looks like in the position

Customized interview training to hire the right person the first time

Training on behavioral science to understand the candidate like you never have before

Additional workshop topics or add-ons

  • Create a vision for your organization
  • How to differentiate your organization
  • Department planning
  • Create a succession plan
  • Create and implement a career plan
  • Create and implement a life plan

  • Become a Shepherd of the Talent
  • Create a talent plan
  • Manage your own talent management system
  • Retain your talent
  • Create a leadership development plan
  • Develop emotional intelligence

How to book a workshop

1. Select a topic and customize the workshop to achieve your objectives

2. Choose a date for the workshop

3. Achieve your business goals

We worked with Steve on developing our employee advisory board. From Steve’s presentation, the board learned about communication styles but more importantly, walked away with a deep understanding of their personal leadership skills and development opportunities. The engagement was both fun and enlightening.”

Kim Wacker

VP Marketing and Communications

“As a leader you’re making an investment in yourself, but more importantly those you’re entrusted to lead within your organization and completing the process.”

Damian LaCroix

Superintendent of Howard-Suamico School District

Accelerate the success of your organization by working “on” your business through a workshop